Below are some stills from something I created a while back at work. I did most of the design and programming for it, and for what it is, it does a pretty solid job.



The SOP was crazy long, and at the time it was stored on a file server as a Microsoft OneNote file. That was problematic because at the time, OneNote wasn’t available for Mac (70% of our office) and the document required constant revisions by multiple parties.

I took this as kind of a learning oppurtunity and built a custom CMS from scratch, using PHP and Javascript+jQuery. The styles were made to be responsive and most of the front-end javascript was used to ease the navigation process. Most of the backend was setup as an editing suite, driven by AJAX and included basic features like version control, a WYSIWYG copy editor, and version diffing.

There was one technical glitch we had quite a time with. There were a couple of sections of that were failing to save for an unknown reason. I later figured out that I had underestimated the size that some of the SOP sections would grow to, and that the ones failing to save were exceeding the limits of a MySQL text field ( >65KB ). I then upgraded them to a Large Text field ( ~4GB ) and we had no problems after that.